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Reviews and Testimonials

Fabulous Lanna cooking class!!”  * * * * *

I wanted to learn more about cooking northern food while I was in Chiang Mai, so I took Lin's private Lanna cooking class, and had a fabulous experience. Lin was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and fun to work with. First she took me to the morning market to shop for meat and produce. She answered tons of my questions about ingredients and recipes at the market, and helped me try a few vegetables, herbs, and spices that I was interested in. Then, we went to Lin's house, where she has a beautiful organic garden and an outdoor kitchen area for cooking and teaching. 

The cooking experience itself was wonderful. Lin and I cooked together, making a number of different Lanna dishes, including Sai Oua, Gaeng Hung Lay, Nam Phrik Noom, and Laab Muang. When Lin learned that I was interested in Nam Phrik and 
Laab, we even added a couple of dishes to our planned menu -- a raw version of the laab, and a second nam phrik with crab paste (nam phrik nam pu). We made everything from scratch -- pounding the curry pastes, dicing the meat, and grilling and simmering over coal fire. 

Lin is a terrific teacher, and guided me through preparing all the dishes and answered my many questions. We had a great time cooking together -- it was like cooking together at the home of a friend. 

After we had finished, we ate together with her daughter, sharing the food we had prepared, which was some of the best food I ate in Thailand. The class was everything I hoped for -- a great chance to learn more about the food and people of Chiang Mai. I would happily cook with Lin again, and hope I have the chance to do so the next time I return!

"Eli”, USA  Visited July 12, 2019

Best cooking class in the world!!”  * * * * *

We had booked this experience based on the fact that the menu was different compared to the usual Thai cooking classes we had researched into where the most part they were green curry and sticky mango rice but Lin’s menu omg there was so much choice and we learned that Lanna cuisine and Siam(Thai) cuisine is different. 

These were dishes that we were also struggling to find in restaurants and found these are traditional dishes that are made in Thai homes who have had the recipes passed down from previous generations in Northern Thailand. These dishes have had influences from Myanmar and Burma. I’m a vegetarian and I felt I also had a lot of choice too. A lot of the fresh ingredients were from her own garden and it was so lovely to be out in nature and cooking authentically. It felt like a sister/mother/aunt was teaching me about food culture from shopping in the market - all the way till the end once Lin had dropped us back at our hotel. It wasn’t just a cooking class, it was as if we were welcomed into their home as family. It was just the two of us(couple) so we spent a lot of time on our three dishes. 

My partners choice 3 mains Kaeng Hung Lay" - Chiang Mai curry; Koey Soi Kai - Chiang Mai noodles with chicken and Laab Moo Kao - Chiang Mai minced pork spicy salad with the Dessert choice - Kanom Wong.

My choices (made vegetarian) were Koey Soi Kai - Chiang Mai noodles (vegetarian); Kaeng Kanun: Young Jack fruit local curry and Tam Mamong - Green mango spicy salad with Dessert - Kanom Krok - Thai coconut pudding. 

The Kanom Krok was quite an experience to make as it was using traditional equipment and was very different to make a dessert with spring onions. I’d also learnt a great deal about jackfruit and how it should be prepared. With the growth of veganism and learning how to include it in curries was a great experience for me. 

The cooking class was outside using coal pots but there were fans around so you didn’t feel overly hot either. Lin offered water and beverages through the class. If you are having doubts about choosing this class over others I would highly recommend that you choose this one. It may seem pricier than others but you will get the quality experience you are after. It was one of our best experiences of visiting Chiang Mai, and we felt was the best cooking class we have EVER been too (been too a few in Italy and London so that’s definitely worth something) If we ever come back to Chiang Mai, we will definitely go again. Amazing experience!

"Hansa and Prad”, UK  Visited June 10, 2019

Amazing introduction to unique food!!”  * * * * *

My spouse and I booked the Lanna cooking class. After booking, we were asked to pick three main dishes and a dessert to cook from an extensive list. Lin picked us up at our hotel and took us out to a market and then to her place outside the city. During the drive and at the market she told us about herself and a lot about Thai and Lanna food. She really knows her stuff. She also told us about her life, and a bit about Chiang Mai. It's obvious she's passionate about her community, culture, and food. She was a fount of information! At the cooking class we were very hands-on, under her instruction of course. The facilities are amazing - outdoor cooking in her beautiful garden, using ingredients she grows herself! The cooking course is as in-depth as you want it to be, Lin lets you find your level. The food was amazing, and the instruction was excellent. Lin has a great sense of humor. During the course she kept us refreshed with cold waters and beers, and we ate our food in her beautiful garden. All in all, an amazing experience, and a great introduction to Lanna cooking - I think this school may be the only one in Chiang Mai offering Lanna cooking classes. Highly recommended!

"Peter”, Italy  Visited March 15, 2019

I had 100% of Panphailin’s time and attention!!”  * * * * *

I was the only participant in this 7 hour class so I had 100% of Panphailin’s time and attention. She is passionate about her Lanna cuisine which I found to be quite different from the Thai food that we are all familiar with. I ate food that I have never eaten before (and that I never thought I would eat) and I enjoyed the opportunity very much. All the preparation and cooking is done with traditional equipment passed down from her mother. We cooked over charcoal in clay pots and ground our own rice flour in a stone mill made by her father for her mother before she was born. I took this class because I had already taken a Thai cooking class and I wanted to learn something different. My goals were met in every way. I am not sure that I will ever try to replicate these techniques in my own kitchen. It will be hard to turn my back on my food processor while grinding all the curry pastes in a mortar and pestle and doing all the chopping by hand but I am very happy to have had the opportunity to take this step back in time and to learn something of the history of Northern Thailand and the Lanna culture. And thanks to the extensive cookbook she gave me plus all the photos taken by her intern that will be posted on her website, I am sure that I will be able to prepare many of the dishes in my own kitchen although they will undoubtedly be a somewhat modernized edition. The day was perfect. Hotel pickup and drop-off included.

"Shirley”, Canada  Visited January 31, 2019

“One in a lifetime Experience!”  * * * * *

If I could, I would give her a 100 stars! Lin was an outstanding host. We spend two whole days with her. Our first day, was a food tour. We are foodies and love Thai food. She showed us all we needed to know about Lanna style cooking. We ate and ate till we could barely move. Every dish was memorable and we still crave them on a daily basis! She also knows a lot about the history of Chiang Mai and we visited some beautiful temples with her.
Our second days, was a tour of the local market followed by a beautiful afternoon cooking with Lin and her crew. Such a wonderful group of warm and sweet people they were. Her daughter went above and beyond and entertained my little kids who were 9 and 4 years old. They had a great time and still talk about Lin! She has
a beautiful farm and cooking great food in relaxing environment was one of the best experiences we had in Thailand. We made sausages from screatch, Khoa Soi, fish wrapped in banana leaves and delicate dessert made of rice and coconut. I have taken multiple cooking classes around the world, and this was THE BEST class I have ever taken!! I say that with no reservation. Please try her. You will not be disappointed. She will easily make it
the highlight of your trip, like she did ours! Lin, we loved being around you for the those two days and you truly showed us what Thai hospitality is all about. Thank you for all your efforts and kindness. Keep smiling!

"Chitra R.”, USA  Visited March 27-28, 2018

“One of the best things we did in Thailand!”  * * * * *

Lin is awesome and provides adds a very personal touch to the whole experience. She showed us the market and what local ingredients are available in the region and specially designed a menu for our day! It might not be as big as the other cooking schools but she really puts in the time and effort to teach you about Thai culture and foods within the region! Highly recommended to all food lovers looking for a more unique experience!

"Tim Chan”, Canada  Visited February 10, 2018

“6 hours well spent”  * * * * *

Lin and her helper Mae met us at our hotel and we had a short drive to the market to buy fresh produce, Lin grows a lot of organic veggies and herbs herself so it was mainly shrimp, chicken, eggs, tofu and noodles bought at market, she gave so much information on what different veggies etc is used for in Thailand. Lin's home is about 15 minutes from city centre and it was a very pleasant drive, a short walk through your garden where she has named the trees for visitors.

Kitchen and preparing area big and open and surprisingly cool and pleasant to work in. With Lin on one side and us on the other she led us step by step thru the preparation of the five dishes we had picked out, explaining why this type of mushroom or sugar or herb was used in individual dishes. Lin changed a few things for us as we do not like spicy food. We then went to our individual woks and with her guidance we cooked our food. The day we made even more enjoyable by our banter and laughter from all, we shared our cooking with Lin, Mae and another helper Joy. We were surprised at how quickly the food is prepared and with minimal effect and fresh ingredients it tastes absolutely brilliant. The Hot and Sour soup with Shrimp didn't seem to have much in it when you were preparing it but it was the combination of flavors that made it absolutely wonderful. Lin has cold drinks and tea and coffee included and as you eat the dessert she is ready to answer any questions for you, she also presents you with
a cook book which includes the recipes you have cooked today. We picked 5 from the list and enjoyed every one of them including fried pumpkin with the fried banana for dessert. We throughly enjoyed the day and Lin's English is very good, we recommend this to all cooks and want to be chefs. Thank you Lin, Mae and Joy for a day well spent.

"Denis P.”, Brisbane, Australia  Visited January 27, 2018

“Outstanding Culture and Food Tour!!!!”  * * * * *

We had an outstanding culture and food tour of Chiang Mai with Lin. She took us an excellent walking tour of Chiang Mai, during which we visited many markets, temples and museums. We also visited many areas of the Old City, and participated in a chat with monks. Additionally, we were treated to delectable local cuisine and many great food delicacies. This included more than 10 food samples, great Khao Soi and an authentic local meal. Lin was
a great host! She answered all of our questions, explained the history of Lanna and Chiang Mai, and shared many hidden places with us. We highly recommend her service. We are very much looking forward to attending her cooking class in the future.

"Keith Davis”, USA  Visited January 23, 2018

“Most fun cooking class EVER!”  * * * * *

Lin is just such an amazing teacher with a wealth of knowledge on the specific Northern Thai (Lanna) cuisine dishes that we were interested in. She grew up in the area and learned from her mom the traditional ways to make glorious dishes like Khao Soi. Passing that knowledge on to us was unlike any cooking class I've ever taken,
such an honor to cook with her. I'm a chef and her private lesson for two of us was just absolutely the best day you could ever spend in Thailand if you love food.

We took another Thai farm cooking course as well and Lin's class is really far an away the better class if you're only going to take one in Chiang mai.

"Chef Robin”, Canada  Visited December 18, 2017

“Amazing day from start to finish.”  * * * * *

Our day began when we met Lin at the market. She showed us recipes and we each picked what we wanted to cook for each course. Then we shopped, learned about so many foods that we have either never seen before or had no idea what they looked like fresh. Each course was paced well for cooking and eating. Everything was amazing but my new favorite food is the fried bananas. I think I must have eaten an entire bunch's worth! I am in Love with those bananas and loved our day with Lin and her daughter and wonderful assistants. As a bonus she showed us how to make Loy Krathong boats which we floated that night at the festival.


“Ruth Edwards”, USA  Visited November 4, 2017

“The Best experience in Chiang Mai!!”  * * * * *

We were group of 4, and booked for Lanna cuisine. We been searching for cooking school for weeks and most of them in CM are teaching Thai cuisine which we don't feel interested. We want to learn Northern Thai cuisine. Luckily we found Love Chiang Mai Cooking School. Lin she is very friendly and sweet teacher, when we was in
the wet market she showed us the ingredients and explain to us what's that for etc. When we back to the cooking school, we started cooking everything from scratch which is the best experience. It's a bit hard work but it's all worth it. I been to many kind of cooking school in Thailand, Love Chiang Mai was the best experience I had so far. We are highly recommend it.

“Deborahlcs”, Denmark  Visited November 1, 2017

“BEST day in Chiang Mai!!”  * * * * *

Stop looking for a cooking class and book this NOW. We were a family of 5 (2 adults and 3 kids ages 8,11,13) and this was recommended by some friends. Everything from start to finish was perfection. Lin is the owner and is with you the entire time - she picked us up from our hotel in a red taxi so we could experience that (so fun) and then
we headed to the local market to buy some ingredients. She explained all about the various food, culture, people, etc. She is so warm and loving. Then it was off to her home about 15 min away. We arrived to find her daughter, sister in law and another woman she is training so we had 4 people for the 5 of us (talk about personal attention). We picked ingredients from her organic garden and then it was a day of prepping, cooking and eating. We picked the dishes from her menu. The food was delicious but the most memorable part was Lin. I just wanted to take her home with me - so kind, loving, fun, engaging, etc. You will be so happy you did this!

“Michelle”, USA  Visited July 8, 2017

“Love Chiang Mai cooking school is awesome and Kru Lin is a great teacher.”  * * * * *

Lin is a total professional and loves what she does. When you go there you'll love her too. She will the show you the right way to cook and you'll be amazed and proud of the results. I am no cook and I get a bit anxious about what to do next, but she showed me how to make a Khao Soi (coconut-flavored noodle soup) that I was proud of and thoroughly enjoyed eating as the reward. If you want a great experience with a skilled teacher who speaks English well, choose Love Chiang Mai Cooking School. You won't be disappointed!

“David”, Trinidad  Visited March 29, 2017

Spending this time with Lin was the highlight of our whole trip!”  * * * * *

My husband and I just traveled to Thailand for 3 weeks for our honeymoon. Spending this time with Lin was
the highlight of our whole trip! How do you even describe such an unbelievable experience! Not knowing what to expect (as there are so many cooking schools/classes offered all over Thailand) we were completely blown away by the whole experience. I work in Canadian food retail, and If you love food and experiencing new cuisines and cultures, Love Chiang Mai Cooking School is the optimal choice for you! Lin arrived at our hotel on time, and with so much excitement- she is so passionate about food! We headed to a local market where she got us familiar with new ingredients and how you shop for food (which is very different to what we are used to in Canada!) after that
we headed to her cooking school where we were able to walk around her beautiful garden and pick other ingredients needed for the dishes we were about to create together. She holds you accountable for your meal!
This is not the type of cooking class where everything comes pre chopped and measured for you, you do it all yourself and tailor it to your liking. We learnt how to make curry pastes, rice flour, coconut milk, cream just to name a few that we used in all the dishes we made. We had tones of laughs and so much fun together. The best part is we got to eat everything we made together and really get to know Lin. She is someone we will never forget and feel so grateful to have met her. Food is something that brings people together, no matter what part of the world you are from. There is really no other place I would recommend if you are looking to learn about true Thai cuisine and if you love food! Lin, we can't wait to send you and picture of our Kao Soi!!! I promise we will make you proud!!!! ��

“Laura & Peter”, Canada  Visited February 16, 2017

Great local experience  * * * * *

Great local experience. Get off the beaten path and learn about the local culture! Very educational and fun! Lin was amazing! She is kind hearted and just a good soul to be in company with! I am going to see her again and again. Couldn't recommend her enough. Lin was one of the sweetest women we have ever come into contact with along our travels. We have been traveling for more than 2 years now and love to experience how the locals live. This time with her made our hearts full of love and we learned so much about the Thai, Lana culture. We are going to see her again before we leave Chiang Mai. Everyone needs to go have a lovely day with Lin! She spent more time with us than expected. Picked us up at 9am and didn't drop us back home until almost 630 at night! A lovely market visit where we got to lean all about the different foods and how to use everything in cooking. Then off to her home/school where we got to relax and cook four meals with her as a private experience. She has her own garden and we got to walk around and pick things from it for our meals, just simple fantastic. THANK YOU SO MUCH! :) - 

Tiffany & Stepehn”, USA  Visited February 14, 2017

Lin was a fantastic host  * * * * *

Lin was a fantastic host. Even before I met her, she emailed me a few times to inquire about my food preferences and to arrange pick-up etc. Communication was prompt and thorough. On the day of my experience, she arrived on time and drove me to a large local market to shop. She took the time to explain and answer many questions
I had on different food ingredients and Thai cooking in general. It was a short scenic drive to her countryside home. Her huge outdoor kitchen was well-equipped and organized. It was apparent that she and her helper had made
a lot of preparation prior to my arrival. During the cooking session, she walked me through every step from cleaning, cutting, pounding to cooking. After making and eating Khao Soi, she showed me around her lovely organic garden and we picked some fresh vegetables for the next few dishes. The foods made (by myself!) were all delicious. A bonus was that her daughter was available to take pictures of the whole experiences for me. Lin is
a wealth of knowledge about Thai cuisine. Her passion in hosting, teaching and cooking truly radiates. I left with new knowledge in Lanna cuisine, a satisfied stomach and a new friend! It couldn't be better, thanks Lin! -Christine

“Christine”, Canada  Visited January 29, 2017

“Lanna cooking class”  * * * * *

After we did a cooking class in the south of Thailand, we wanted to learn more about the northern cuisine as well. There are dozens of cooking schools in and around Chiang Mai, but they all offer the same kind of menus. 
Lin was enthusiastic about the food and sharing her culture. It was a fun class to attend and we felt like we were cooking with a friend.  We cooked the Koey soi, Abb with prawns, Kanom Krok (Thai coconut pudding) and learned to make Chiang Mai sausages. Food was delicious and we can't wait to cook it for our friends at home :)

“ChefLekker”, Canada  Visited January 12, 2017

“Fantastic cooking experience, highly recommended!”  * * * * *


The experience with Love Chiang Mai cooking school was exceptional from A to Z. Not only is Mrs. Puntitra
a phenomenal cook and owns her own beautiful cooking school and organic garden outside of Chiang Mai center, but she is also a warmhearted, funny and welcoming person I had a lot of fun and great talks with. She picked me up on time at my hotel and took me to a local market where she answered and encouraged all of my questions and explained the different local ingredients. Then she showed me around in her huge organic garden where she plants and harvests most of the vegetables she uses for her cooking. She let me try different plants and explained everything to me. You can easily see that she loves communicating with international people and she loves talking about her passion, cooking and preparing local and Thai specialties, something she learned as a kid from her mother. She is very patient and polite and always made sure I felt at home. She let me help her prepare the food, always explaining the details and I leaned a lot. The cooking school is beautiful, clean and she even owns special traditional stoves where she cooked the meals. She makes sure to take into account your taste (spicy or not),
your allergies and preferences. The food she cooked was just delicious, healthy and tasted amazing. I would recommend her to everybody who visits Chiang Mai for an extraordinary culinary and cultural experience.​

Petra Heveroch Cologne, Germany  Visited November 12, 2016

“Local cuisine, local ingredients, local chef - the true Northern Thailand cooking experience!”
* * * * *

I'll admit, Aoy, the wonderful, bubbly owner and chef of Love-Chiang Mai Cooking school had completely won me over on her Chiang Mai food tour. Her philosophy of "Local, local, local" had me signing up instantly for a full day of Lanna cooking at her beautiful farm in Chiang Mai. 

I was looking for something different - a thai cooking school that was true to its traditions, recipes from the local region, cooked the way Northern Thais like to eat, nothing altered to suit Western palates and completely unapologetic with chilli ( okay the chilli part was moderated to my choosing but I love the stuff so....)

LoveChiangMai cooking school has a philosophy of supporting local farmers, merchants and workers - so the day started at a local market where Aoi and I shopped for a few fresh ingredients. We took local transport back to her farm/school and spent the whole day selecting ingredients from her garden. We cooked four dishes of my choice. Popular Thai dishes were an option but I went for all Lanna cuisine - khao soi, Thai sausage, local mixed vegetable curry and sticky rice dessert. We made every recipe from scratch. Aoy teaches you how to make coconut milk, stuff your own sausage and we even cooked in traditional terracotta pots over charcoal fire.

After cooking, we sat down to a huge feast together. Aoy is such a great host (she's so cute!! seriously can I take you home with me? :) who makes everyone feel really welcome, just like you're visiting a friend who you've known for years, and she just happens to teach amazing regional recipes. You receive a cooking book full of her recipes at the end so no need to take lots of notes ( but do take lots of photos!)

If you want a real Lanna experience, I highly recommend choosing Love Chiang Mai school. If I'm ever in Chiang Mai again, I will definitely come back for another class with Aoy!

Nadia C, Australia  Visited October 4, 2016

“Absolutely brilliant!!!”  * * * * *

Absolutely brilliant, so much information, and the best fun ever! So accommodating, lots of laughs, we learnt so much. Will definitely be back next visit. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for an authentic Thai local style cooking experience. Given options of what to cook, prepare together, cook, then sit and eat! So hospitable and welcoming. Fantastic value for money and such a fun experience whether on your own, or In a group.
Thank you for having us.

Kylie Peterson , Canada  Visited September 02, 2015

“Very good, fun and enjoyable”  * * * * *

We went the first time In February. It was really good and we learned a lot. After our class we decided to come back another time. And we did. Excellent work Lynn.

Anahit Zalyan Bales , Armenia  Visited March 12, 2015

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