Tour Service & Home Stay

We have pre-designed trips available for booking and also trips that can be planned with your special requirements in mind, with activities fully customized to meet your wishes.

**Highly Recommended**

** One day trip : Culture Food and Walking Tour

This tour explores Chiang Mai Old City by walking and local transportation. In addition to visiting famous and charming places,
together we will visit Chiang Mai local restaurants that prepare Lanna foods (locals food) in the traditional ways. This gives you 
a first-hand Lanna culinary experience that is not to be missed during your visit. You will taste the foods here in Chiang Mai just as the locals do.


** One day trip : Nature, Hiking and Visit the Hill Tribe Village.


This tour will be an adventurous day of native visiting and hiking the highest mountain in Thailand. The highlight of this tour is visiting the Hill Tribe Village, with joint cooking and having lunch with them. 


**Not operating**

** 2 days 2 nights trip : Lanna Experience with Culture Food and Cooking School Stay


This tour will be one of having the local experience in 2 provinces; Lumphun and Chiang Mai.

Day 1 : The tour will explore Lumphun province, the second Lanna capital. We will visit the famous temple and the Handicraft Village. Then in the late afternoon, go to "Love Chiang Mai Cooking School" for stay over night, there is Locals Style Welcome Dinner for the end of the day.

Day 2 : After breakfast we will explore the community by bicycle, then continue to the locals market to buy some ingredients for cooking together with your dinner host.

Day 3 : After breakfast, you will have some relaxing time, then drop off at your next destination.

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"Banana in Coconut Milk"

**Not operating**

** Haft day flea Market tour

Chiang Mai Cows and Buffalo Market, it was a rice field 70 years ago. Then the Locals wanted to exchange of cows and buffalo between the farmers in the area. It is not only the market that you will see. You will also see the life style of the locals living there, a style of living that you will never see in any other part of Thailand. If you would like to see a unique culture in motion, this market will show just that!


**Not operating**

** Home stay program

The home stay is surrounding environment in the countryside in the neighborhood of Thai locals, with fruit orchards,
rice fields, and an organic garden. You will enjoy being with the local population and taking part in the activities in the environment around the house.